Which Gloves Are Best For Weight Lifting Reviews 2022

Controlling your grip is important, but protecting it in the process of weightlifting can be equally as crucial. When you’re going through a grueling workout and looking for an edge to keep from tearing up your hands, lifting gloves are just what you need. There’s something available for every niche or hand shape with weights so don’t settle on one until you’ve done some research first!

For lifters who want to keep their hands safe and sound while they push themselves, lifting gloves are a must. They come in many shapes and sizes for every weightlifting category.Try finding one with your hand shape or preferred grip. Though primarily protective layers, these versatile tools can also help improve grip no matter what type of workout you’re tackling- from chin ups to deadlifts – helping your performance stay high even as skin tears could be imminent without them. Your hands may be one of most important tools in use at a gym so keeping them protected throughout workouts is imperative! Lifting gloves can help keep skin safe from tears as we all kick our deadlift and chin up game into high gear; while they function primarily as protective layer (at their core), these gloves also work wonders around our hands. Lifting gloves not only protect your skin by cushioning, but they also help create a more firm grip.

Top Picks for Best Gloves for Weight Lifting

1.Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves

Give your wrists the stability and protection they need while you’re lifting or just working on a little cross-fit at home. These Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves from Harbinger are like having an extra set of wraps for safety and support with every rep. The open-cell foam cushions your hand as you work out and also prevents sweat build up so you stay dry during those long, intense sessions. You’ve got enough to worry about without worrying if your grip will give out mid-set; these gloves fill in where normal grips won’t be able to make it through your routine. They have 1/2 finger length so that complete contact is made with the barbell for a strong grip no matter what weight you’re hoisting off the ground.

The leather on the palm provides an extra layer of protection between your hands and bars or weights. The open cell foam at 3/4″ thick helps protect your hand AND gives you more control over the equipment. The lining keeps sweat from stinging your hands during a workout; it also wicks away moisture keeping these gloves in good shape for a long time to come. The wrap-around wrist closure ensures that these gloves will stay in place while you’re working out, won’t slide around on your wrists; they are also lightweight so you won’t feel them weighing down on your hands as they protect from those heavy weight lifting reps.

  •     Great for cross-fit workouts as well as traditional weightlifting
  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable

  • Comfortable fit around wrists to prevent slippage

  • May not stand up to heavy deadlifts

2.FREETOO Full Finger Workout Gloves for Men

The FREETOO full fingertip workout gloves are great for anyone just starting out in their fitness journey. It’s breathable and stretchy to conform to your hand, and it doesn’t have wrist support so you don’t feel any tightness while using freestyle equipment. The palm has foam pads and silicone particles which will cushion the impact of a heavy weight or box (avoid injury), while providing better grip on devices such as a barbell or dumbbells. Whether you’re grabbing weights at home, body-weight training with calisthenics, or live in a cold environment like Alaska where gym gloves are essential, these help protect your hands from injury. The silicone material is durable, yet thin so you still feel the weight. This helps your grip stay on and prevents lifting accidents that can cause muscle injury or tendonitis.

The wristband provides added wrist support, comfort and sweat wicking (avoid smelly hands), plus its breathable fabric wicks away moisture from your skin to keep you dry and healthy. It can also be used for other sports, works great for basketball, rock climbing, and rope climbing; many people with diabetes say it’s comfortable to use in a variety of exercises due to the breathable fabric.

The fabric is anti-slip so you get optimum grip on your tool handles or bars without losing control while lifting. It’s lightweight, and you can throw it easily into your backpack (or gym bag) without the bulk of a typical glove. The FREETOO gloves are great for working out at home or in the gym to protect your hands against injury while weightlifting, boxing, rock climbing, cycling or just walking/hiking on trails. They’re also useful for activities that require a lot of grasping such as knitting or playing the piano.

  •   Lightweight and breathable
  • Great for cross-fit workouts
  • Silicone grip to prevent slipping on equipment or medicine balls/plates
  • Great price & value
  • May not work for heavy deadlifts due to not having wrist support

3.YINDUDU Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves 

YINDUDU Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves are a premium product to help you get the most out of your workout. The gloves feature a heat-resistant palm with anti-slip points to give you more grip on weights, and an abrasion resistant material for enhanced comfort and reduced calluses. Meanwhile, back hands have ultralight microfleece fabric that wicks away sweat from your palms while it keeps them dry and at bay of accumulating heat! Added features include venting in the palm as well as Velcro locks so these weightlifting workout gloves can be tightened or loosened by the user depending on their preference.

The gloves are designed with special anti-slip, breathable fabric that is heat resistant up to 260℃ (572℉), keeping your hands from becoming sweaty even during intense workouts. Plus, the fabric dries quickly to keep your palms dry and comfortable while you work out! The gloves provide a tight fit as well as wrist support.

The best feature of this product is probably its versatility in use: while they are primarily for weightlifting, many people say it can also be used for road cycling and other activities that need a decent amount of grip like carrying grocery bags or holding on to your child’s hand, so you don’t lose them! The YINDUDU Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves do a good job of protecting our palms, yet they are not too bulky for everyday use. While it may feature leather on the palm and anti-slip grip points, these gloves still feel light in weight due to its high breathability fabric. It’s also comfortable to wear as the microfleece fabric provides comfort against your skin, yet you don’t feel itchy.

  • Excellent grip for weight training
  • Light and breathable fabric
  • Versatile in use
  • Does not feature wrist support
  • Stitching is slightly crooked (quality control issue)

4. BEACE Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

You are looking for something durable and breathable? You want to protect your knuckles and prevent injuries before they happen? Well, these BEACE Weight Lifting Gym Gloves are perfect for you. No matter if you have large or small wrists, their flexible closure will provide you with a perfect fit. Besides the expected foam palm protection, depending on how much hand grip is needed in your training routine, there are also two other layers of soft material that can help cushion your hands. The mesh back offers good air flow while the secure one-handed release allows swift removal when not in use.

The added fabric is really nice. I have no problems with my grip while working out! Just be aware that the material will bag like a glove, so any dust/dirt will show right away. But overall they are great! They fit & feel great on my hands and don’t leave me with horrible calluses.

  • Breathable fabric to keep your hand cool

  • Soft and comfortable fabric

  • Perfect for powerlifting/weightlifting due to its flexible closure
  • Secure one-handed release
  • May bag like a glove
  • May not have enough grip or wrist support for heavy lifting

5. Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gym

Greetings athletes ! It doesn’t matter if you need to train, lift weights, change gears with your hands, you deserve gloves too. Let me introduce the new Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gym All-Purpose Gloves! This product can protect your palms from impact and/or injury when training in a gym. With full palm protection and thickening pads these weight lifting gloves are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. With an ultra-lightweight mesh on the back make it breathable and comfy to use for any athlete who gives it their all while using this workout accessory. These gloves are fantastic. They fit great on my hands & are quite soft against my palms. They don’t leave any marks on the first use either.

  • Comfortable and durable one-handed release
  • Cushioned palm protection & thickening pads
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • May not have enough grip or wrist support for heavy lifting

Things To consider before buying Gloves for Weight Lifting


For those of us who are clumsy, gloves can be a godsend. You would think they’d have to be expensive, but thankfully that isn’t the case! Gloves range in pricing and more niche brands tend to cost slightly more than your standard fare glove brand; this shouldn’t discourage you from buying them outright though- we only suggest avoiding anything too pricey or else it could end up being ruinous.

Fingerless vs. Full Finger

There are arguments for each style, and this will ultimately circle back to how you’ll be using the gloves. Fingerless gloves are great for athletes who want to feel their weights a little better and have a more adjustable grip on weight bars or lifting platforms during exercises like deadlifts or snatches. Full finger options don’t allow as much movement once gripped comfortably by hands which can make them quite useful when training in cold places – they keep your wrists locked into position so that heavy lifts remain stable with less risk of injury. 

Fingerless choice is going to be likely best if you tend run hot from time-to-time while full fingered models should give enough support even if it’s really cold outside!


If you plan on using your gloves consistently, then it’s important to find a durable option. A lot of cheap options can tear or wear down pretty quickly after just a few uses, and that can cost time which could be spent working out instead. Gloves made from leather are going to be the most durable as they tend to have a longer lifespan and can offer a lot of resistance without falling apart.

Quality Material & Construction

If you’re buying a good pair of weight lifting gloves, then you want to make sure they are made of the highest quality. Materials like vinyl/neoprene will offer something that is softer and more comfortable for hands while still giving them enough “grip” when it’s needed most.  Stretchy material tends to give off more grip than those without as they can conform around items like weight bars better than a solid-cut material.  


If you’ve got a set of lifting gloves, they’re going to help improve your training in some way or another. Different people have different needs when it comes to what type and style of glove is best for them; there are pros and cons on each side. We recommend that if you feel like the pick we made most suits how comfortable you’ll be during workouts – go with whichever one feels right!


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