Best Winter Gloves for Toddlers Reviews 2022

Even if you think the little thumb never goes in right place or falls off after two minutes, it’s important for your toddler stay out there playing! Not only are these adorable tiny mittens hard enough to put on their hands because kids can’t use their thumbs–they need them when we go skiing!–these are also what make sure those cute fingers won’t freeze while he plays outside.

Finding the perfect toddler gloves is a true challenge. Some are too small, some have fingers that don’t touch and others just aren’t warm enough for frigid temperatures. It’s important to find those with good grip as well so they can play outside in winter while still being cozy inside!

Top Picks for Best Winter Gloves for Toddlers

1.N’Ice Caps Kids Toddler and Baby Easy-On Wrap Waterproof Thinsulate Winter Mittens

When it comes to keeping your kids warm and dry this winter, NIce Caps got you. These toddler and baby mittens have a 2.5 inch knit cuff so they won’t let snow sneak into their gloves or boots while playing outdoors in the winter cold. They’re also fluffy, water-resistant, and made with 100% polyester Thinsulate fabric that’s more than twice as efficient at blocking out freezing air for superior warmth (-95 degrees). Best of all? The mittens are secured with elastic Velcro fasteners that are both easy to put on and stay on!

Directions: Put the thumb inside the left side pocket and both fingers through the top loop (make sure there are 2 loops across index finger). Pull up the bottom section (easier if you have help) until it reaches where nears kid’s first knuckle which will form a full

  • Water-resistant

  • Secured with elastic Velcro

  • Tight

2.Veyo Kids – Flipper Mittyz – Waterproof Kids Mittens | Toddler Gloves


From big gloves to small mittens, our line of winter gear for kids is designed with a lot of love. We start by making sure that the maximum amount of warmth will be retained in each layer right up till the outside. That’s why we’ve loaded these water-resistant hand warmers up with a synthetic insulation liner and treated them generously with a durable water repellent membrane that helps keep all those pesky snowflakes out. These bulky little bundles come packin’ plenty of style too – so they’ll even keep dad happy!

What does this product offer: It offers protection from wetness and cold weather when playing outdoors on snowy days.

  • Durable water repellent membrane to protect against wetness and cold weather
  • The insulation liner keeps hands warm in the harshest of conditions.
  • None

3.MCTi Kids Mittens Waterproof Winter Ski Warm Sherpa Lined Long Cuff with String

MCTi Kids Mittens are the perfect winter mittens for outdoor snow sports. They’re lightweight and insulated with sherpa fleece to keep you cozy no matter how cold it gets outside–perfect for ski, snowboarding, or sledding! The gloves also have durable water-resistant nylon fabric which is antislip so you won’t worry about losing your grip while skiing down that knarly slope. These mittens also come with 3 year quality warranty in case anything goes wrong. Defects from age or use can be repaired by mail in exchange for a small fee. (Plus bright colored thumbs add extra safety because they help ensure the wearer always has their right glove on.) MCTi kids mittens are truly dependable

  • Long cuffs keep hands warm and dry during vigorous outdoor activities.
  • Durable water resistant nylon fabric

  • Expensive price tag for a kid’s glove.

4.Unigear Kids Ski Mittens Waterproof Winter Snow Thinsulate Mittens with String 

For snow season, you need to have the best ski children mittens as your kids pal. The Unigear gloves are just what you need! With an ultra-light combination of TPU coated waterproof breathable fabric and Thinsulate insulation, these winter mitts can keep those hands warm in any weather and protect those valuable digits from the cold with incredible warmth–1.5 times more than down feathers! They’re perfect for riding on top of being cuffed to stay put over a coat sleeve so your kid stays sheltered when its snowy or wet outside. Plus they are made up there completely waterproof fabrics (and even our fingers!) dry out & avoid moisture buildup altogether thanks to easy-wicking materials that also make it hard for snow

  • Cheap and durable for kids.
  • Extra warmth with Thinsulate insulation
  • The thumb and index finger are not sewn well together, so we recommend keeping the gloves inside another pair of mittens or socks until it is time to use them.

5.Vagasi Kids Winter Gloves

With the freezing winter circling around us, those little arms need some extra coverage to stay warm and dry. You can get them these Vagasi Kids Winter Gloves, a pair of durable but breathable gloves designed just for kids! It comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and sizes so they can be empowered to find one that best suits their personality. Made with Taslan fabric mixed with PU making it breathable while providing moisture wicking properties during warmer occasions without being stuffy or sweaty The inside is outfitted with fleece leaving them feeling nice and warm all day long while still being able to use their fingers without feeling constricted at all Located on the outside are adjustable loops tailored specifically towards smaller hands which would make putting it easier 

  • Breathable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Tight on the hands

What to Consider When Buying the Winter Gloves for Toddlers


For winter activities, there are several types of gloves to choose from. If your child likes playing in the snow and building snowmen or forts then waterproof gloves will be perfect as they can withstand water exposure well. For kids who spend a lot of time outside in cold weather, insulated gloves that keep them warm for extended periods should be purchased instead because those children need more warmth than others due to their activity levels (playing out doors). Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding require specific features on the glove so make sure you buy one with sport-specific qualities like grip pads if necessary.


The size of children’s gloves is based on their age. They are graded by years and the measurement can vary depending on which manufacturer you look at, but there should be a chart that will help make finding your child’s correct glove easier with detailed measurements to get it just right.


Winter gloves are a necessity during cold weather. Whether you’re traveling to another country with colder climates or just going outside for a walk in the brisk winter morning, it is important that your hands stay safe and warm from icy conditions. Winter gloves come in two varieties – 3M Thinsulate insulation which provides warmth without adding bulkiness while polar fleece lining offers cozy comfort against chilly days out on adventures. Sometimes people opt-in for both styles of glove as they customize their wardrobe according to what will be most comfortable when trying different activities outdoors!


Gloves are an essential part of winter weather, and choosing the right pair for your hands is important. Consider adjustable gloves with elastic wristbands or Velcro straps to get a custom fit that will protect you from harsh conditions while still being able to easily take them off when not needed.

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